Why start with women?

I want NZ companies to be the best they can be.  I believe that companies that have a diversity of thinking will perform better than those that don’t.

Jan Dawson
Independent Director
diverse thinking. stronger boards.
Women on boards improves strengthens innovative thinking, problem solving, company performance and competitive edge.

The evidence-based business case for gender diversity is well documented and widely accepted internationally.

But while the lack of gender diversity at board level is a hot topic, effective action to break down barriers and bring about real change has proved challenging.

As leaders in the public and private sectors, 25 Percent Group members have the power to challenge and change the status quo.  Each of us has pledged to lead by example, increasing women’s participation in senior positions within our own organisations, and to encourage our business peers to do the same. Our goal is simple – 25 percent female participation on boards by 2015.

The group’s focus on gender diversity is the first step towards ensuring that boards of the future capture the full benefits of diverse thinking.